10:30am/6:30pm                Itzel Vega, Conexion, Conaccion

11am                                   Robin Roberson, BoomerBuzz

11:30am/7:30pm                 Raul Enriquez, Kaleidoscope

12:30pm/8:30pm                 The Pinky Sear Movement/Jackie Davis

1:00pm/8:00pm                   The Every Heart Project/Janet Bernstein & Lori Dixon



10:30am/8:30pm                 Leah Frazier, femmes RADIO

11am/6:30pm                       Claudia Herrmann, Mujeras de Exito.

11:30pm/9pm                       Lucy Massey, Houses by Lucy

12pm/7pm                            Angela Lopez & Michelle Alonzo, USI Today


11:30am/7pm                       Sonja Kabell, Creating Healthy Lifestyles

12:00pm/8:30pm                  Ashley Berges, Perspectives

12:30pm/6:30pm                  Tiwangi Kyle, From Grace to Glory

2:00pm/9:00pm                    Gavin Mitchell

2:30pm/7:30pm                    Jacki Daily, The Jacki Daily Show


12pm/7:30pm                        Angela Lopez & Michelle Alonzo, USI Today

1pm/9pm                               Pablo Esparza, CTC con las Estrellas


All times are CST.

Show Schedule

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