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Meet Our Talk Show Hosts

/7   Clayton Bailey, owner of Green Scene Home Inspections,

T   TUESDAY Shows & Hosts


      Itzel Vega, Conexion, Conaccion                                                                                                                                                                                   Itzel Vega | CONNECTION WITH ACTION is a show where positive people connect and share valuable information.                                               Our community is made of many parts and this is the premise for the show. We are all fragile and diverse, but if we                                                 carefully collaborate and build together. We can become a masterpiece!


      Robin Roberson, BoomerBuzz
      Robin Roberson |  The BoomerBuzz focuses on issues for and about baby boomers. She is a partner here at                                                         Pegasus Net Waves, publishes BoomerBuzz Magazine. Robin is a power producer, connecting businesses to                                                         businesses and people to people. A myriad of topics!


      Raul Enriquez, Kaleidoscope

      Raul Enriquez | Kaleidoscope is an interesting chat with those interesting around us. It is more than what they do:                                                   how they got there and what inspired them. A colorful montage.



      Danielle Girdano, D’Fine Your Health                                                                                                                                                                           D’Fine Your Health with Danielle Girdano | “You must have both desire and sacrifice to achieve success,” states                                                     Danielle and this is the premise of all she does assisting people in reaching their potential for optimum health. She                                                 can be found sharing health tips, advice, conversing with experts in related industries and inspiring others on her radio                                           show and website. You Define It!

     WEDNESDAY Shows & Hosts


      Claudia Herrmann, Mujeras de Exito 
      Claudia Herrmann |  The Successful Business Professional explores how entrepreneurs and business people attain success in                             their fields. Tips and tools for others are explored and offered for those considering self employment.                                                                       We can all become Success Stories! 


      Lucy Massey, Houses by Lucy                                                                                                                        

      With more than 14 years of experience in Residential Real Estate, Lucy Massey, part of the RE/MAX family, provides award                                   winning customer service, happiness, and joy to her clients and will do the same with her radio show as she shares important                               information on all areas of home buying and selling. I can help you! Together we can be on the move.

    THURSDAY Shows & Hosts​


      Sonja Kabell, Creating Healthy Lifestyles powered by USANA

      Brought to you by Sonja Kabell, founder of Creating Healthy Lifestyles which informs, educates, and helps families                                                 and individuals make healthier choices around nutrition, exercise and product use, Creating Healthy Lifestyles                                                       powered by USANA shares important information with hints and tips for changes to your lifestyle, that will help YOU!                                             Fight to be healthy!

​     12:00pm/8:30pm

     Ashley Berges, Perspectives

     Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges, a syndicated talk show, that offers real answers to life's most important                                  questions, from relationships to common sense authentic living. #LYTL Perspectives offers topics that are relevant to you and full of                      entertaining stories. Ashley has a magnetic personality and is a skilled therapist. You no longer need to pay for counseling and or success            coaching. #LYTL Perspectives creates awesome driveway moments, that keep you in your car listening to the show for life changing stories,        authentic advice, and impactful reality checks that only Ashley offers her listeners.


     Shawna Boudreaux & Edwin Villareal, Because We Care

     Exploring all options both medical and non medical assistance for home health care. We provide quality home health care

     information so you and those you love who are faced with health concerns can make educated decisions for the best possible outcomes. 

​     We REALLY Care!,


​     2:00pm/9:00pm

​     Gavin Mitchell

     The Gavin Mitchell Show  exposes the Left for who and what they are while arming the hard working citizens of the US with knowledge to             hold their elected officials accountable.

​      2:30pm/7:30pm                        

      Jacki Daily, The Jacki Daily Show

      Jacki Daily | The Jacki Daily Show where Jacki is educating, entertaining and engaging America on all things energy!

      Your daily energy playbook!