Tune In/Engaging Talk Shows  

Entertaining show hosts discussing appealing relevant subjects with topics ranging from redefining yourself to living well, finance to legal matters, and DIY tips to humor. Engaging hosts are experts in their field creating captivating dialogue.

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Groove Time/Radio  

A mix of big band, jazz, blues, Motown and Beach music. Artists range from Benny Goodman to Harry Connick, John Coltrane to George Benson, the Rat Pack to Etta James, Nina Simone to Michael Buble. Bring the re-found sound to your computer, smartphone, media player with Pegasus Net Waves.

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Origination Creation/Audio Production     

Providing businesses and individuals professionally produced audio for on air commercials or messages for mobile devices. Quality marketing gives you the advantage over your competition or when entertaining your guest callers.

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Pegasus Net Waves

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